Academic Standards Days

EDU4Standards will introduce the Academic Standards Days (ASD) as key events designed to deepen the understanding and engagement with standardisation across Europe. These events, pivotal to our outreach and educational objectives, aim to convene researchers, students, academic staff, and professionals in a series of interactive and insightful gatherings.

A total of 15 ASD events will be organised in at least 10 countries, bringing together the academic community and standardisation professionals. These events, co-hosted by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), research centres, and National Standards Bodies (NSBs) across Europe, will be designed to foster local participation and, where appropriate, will utilise local languages to ensure inclusivity and accessibility.

The ASDs will be structured to:

  • Highlight the strategic role of European policy priorities, particularly the Twin Transition, and the impact of standards in achieving these goals.
  • Showcase the relevance of standardisation for various economic operations, including legal compliance, market access, and overall business strategy, through real-world business cases.
  • Explore the technical and societal facets of standardisation and its integration into academic curricula.
  • Provide insights into the European and global standardisation landscape, including the decentralised global ICT-related standardisation processes.
  • Develop soft skills and competencies necessary for effective engagement in standardisation efforts.

The format of the ASDs will vary, including interactive workshops, panel debates, and presentations, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment.