Teaching Concept

Advancing Standardisation Education
The EDU4Standards project is developing an Innovative Teaching Concept of Standardisation (ITCoS) aimed at integrating standardisation more comprehensively into the curricula of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) across Europe. This initiative seeks to equip the next generation of professionals with a thorough understanding of standardisation, enabling them to contribute effectively to global market dynamics through informed standardisation practices.

Curriculum Development
The curriculum under development intends to cover the broad scope of standardisation, touching on its technical, economic, legal, and societal implications. It will be designed to align with both industrial and societal expectations, with a focus on supporting sustainable standardisation efforts that adhere to the European Union's values. The curriculum is also planned to highlight the role of standardisation in facilitating innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness, particularly in the context of the green and digital transitions.


Learning Formats
The project envisages a variety of learning formats to suit different educational needs and contexts, including:

  • Integration into existing Bachelor's and Master's degree programs
  • Customised in-company training modules
  • Extra-curricular activities and thematic seasonal schools
  • Online learning opportunities, including the use of digital platforms and serious games

These formats are intended to make the teaching concept versatile and accessible, ensuring that a wide range of learners can benefit from standardisation education. In collaboration with key standardisation bodies, the teaching concept will be designed to be reflective of current industry standards and to contribute to shaping future trends in standardisation. 

To learn about our teaching concept and consider how you might contribute to or benefit from this initiative stay in touch!