Empowering Standardisation through Education in Europe

Innovating how standardisation is taught in European Higher Education

Who we are

EDU4Standards.eu is a brand-new research project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe programme. Our eclectic consortium brings together the key players in education on standardisation in Europe. Led by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the consortium brings together universities, higher education institutes, standardisation bodies and associations, and SMEs.

Our Objectives

EDU4Standards just started in January 2024. Over the next three years we aim to address key strategic objectives.

  • - 01

    Develop and pilot an innovative teaching concept for standardisation (ITCoS)

    Creating and pilot compelling approaches and materials for use in EU Higher Education.

  • - 02

    Raise the profile of standardisation through Academic Standardisation Days and events

    Deliver a roadshow of events on standardisation at EU Higher Education Institutes.

  • - 03

    Increase higher education courses on standardisation

    Broaden the base of institutions, teachers and courses which include standardisation.

  • - 04

    Build a community of standardisation teachers and learners

    Consolidate and grow a community of educators and students for the future.

  • - 05

    Set up an EU Student Standardisation Association

    Build on existing groups, projects and synergies to establish a single association.

Creating real impact

By 2027, our aim is to increase education in standardisation across Europe


Teachers equipped with standardisation knowledge


Students & professionals educated and ready to contribute to standardisation


EU Student Standardisation Association


Higher education institutes offering courses on standardisation


EU Standardisation Education Roadmap to chart a course for the future


15 Academic
standards Days

Who we engage with

Our goal is to meet and synergise with key groups across Europe through events and our 5 pilots.

  • Higher education institutes & universities
  • Teachers and standards educators
  • Students and student associations
  • Standards Development Organisations
  • Policy makers
  • Industry and SMEs
  • Research organisations & EU projects
  • Citizens and citizen groups