EDU4Standards will implement a series of 5 pilot programmes designed to integrate and refine the teaching of standardisation in various educational and professional settings across Europe. These pilots are central to our mission of enhancing standardisation education, addressing the critical need for skilled standardisation experts, and ensuring that the curriculum remains relevant and effective for both current and future needs.

Each pilot will be carefully designed to test the Innovative Teaching Concept of Standardisation (ITCoS) across different educational landscapes, including:

  • University courses: Tailored to fit into existing Bachelor's and Master's degree frameworks, focusing on embedding standardisation into a wide range of disciplines.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Including seasonal schools and workshops, these pilots aim to offer practical, hands-on experiences with standardisation.
  • In-company Training: Targeted at professionals, these pilots seek to enhance the standardisation skills of current workforce members within various industries.
  • Pan-European Initiatives: Collaborating with Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) across Europe to broaden the reach and impact of standardisation education.


The primary goals of these pilots include evaluating the effectiveness of our teaching concept, increasing awareness and understanding of standardisation, and fostering a community of educators, learners, and professionals dedicated to this field. Through continuous evaluation and feedback, these pilots will contribute to the iterative refinement of educational materials and teaching approaches, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of students and professionals alike.