Uwe Rüddenklau


Full name:Uwe Rüddenklau

Job title:
Director Standardization - Infineon Technologies AG

Organisation name:Infineon Technologies AG


Short bio

Uwe Rüddenklau currently leads Standardization at Infineon Technologies, a top semiconductor company, headquartered in Germany.
Uwe is member of the German government Strategy Forum of Standardization, Board member of the 5G–ACIA (Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation) and leads a Working Group Liaisons & Dissemination, including members from ICT and OT companies. 

Additionally Uwe is representative at ETSI and actively works in the Millimeter Wave Transmission Industry Specification Group (ISG mWT). Uwe participates in the 5G-AA consortium for Infineon in various WGs, looking after 5G RF and related use cases. A major part of his work is also on international standardization organizations like IEC, ISO. CEN-CENELEC, DKE and DIN. In the IEC semiconductor device Technical Committee, Uwe takes co-Convenor of working group for MEMS.
Uwe has more than 25 years of industry experience and has worked around the world in system engineering, sales and technical marketing of RF solutions for consumer TV, customer premise equipment and mobile phone applications. Prior to Infineon Technologies, Uwe held senior positions with Lantiq and Siemens.

Uwe is based in Munich, Germany, and holds a Masters (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical Engineering along with a Bachelor in Marketing.